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About the Conflicts that Arise From Addictions

  • Addictions affect families, businesses and organizations. They are a major obstacle in relationships, work-life and society. Even with therapy and in abstinence, problems are persistent.

  • Substance or activity, legal or illegal, all addictions are sadly similar: a descending spiral of social disconnection and personal disintegration.

  • Medical professionals and social workers promote the treatment of the individual suffering from addictions, but they aren’t authorized to produce positive outcomes for all the other victims of the person’s behaviour.

  • Support groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous and the other 12-Step programs, relieve the isolation of the individual, but they don’t bring everyone together into a co-operative process.

  • The legal system creates winners and losers. The battles end in a compromise, at the best of times.

  • Mediation is the most realistic method of intervention. Apprehending addicts and throwing them into rehabs rarely leads to sustainable solutions. In mediation we get together to intervene against the problem, not by battling the addicted person, but by empowering the deeper needs of everyone involved.

  • We very effectively help someone who is suffering from addictions when we stop arguing and stop enabling and instead join in a concerted effort that prevents him or her from doing more harm.

  • Why settle for a compromise, where everybody loses something, when a peaceful resolution can be created for everyone in mediation?

"Problems are inevitable; suffering is not"


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