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About John Becker

Mediation is both a learned skill and an innate talent. In cases of conflicts arising from addictions, a special sensitivity is needed. The judgment and behaviour of people with addictions is not rational, not even to them. But it can be recognized and understood. There needs to be a specialized process facilitated by someone who inspires trust, and has the knowledge and personal experience to reconcile the damage that has been done, and to free the potential good that is always still available.

What People Say:

Peggy LaFlamme, Coordinator at Community Justice Initiatives:

“John has shown himself to very task orientated and follows through on his assigned cases with integrity. As a senior mediator John has had the opportunity to mentor and support the junior mediators. He has always shown an interest in exposing himself to new and different situations. John is always willing to expand himself intellectually and enjoys situations which enable him to problem solve. Clients evaluation feedback on the mediators reveal that John is intuitive, a great communicator, fair, supportive an active listener and patient to name a few.”

Katharina Moeller, Pastor of St. George’s Lutheran Church:

“Mr. Becker is outgoing, reliable and dedicated to everything that he does. We value the effort he makes in ensuring that our guests feel welcome. He has a long history within the Lutheran Church; his father was a Lutheran Pastor and he was raised in a family where it was a daily routine to care for people, to strive for peace and understanding, and to put the needs of others before his own. Mr. Becker likes to meditate and to deeply think about the essentials of life. Therefore he acts only after careful consideration of all circumstances. Our members are pleased about this. I am sure that his skills, experience, enthusiasm and personality make him an excellent mediator.”

Kosu Diane Snider, Acting Director of the Zen Buddhist Temple:

“John has proved to a responsible and valued member of the community. A humble person, he volunteers readily for tasks that need attending to, and works with good humour and attention to detail. He can be counted on to fulfill his duties and responsibilities in a timely and thorough fashion.
John combines a quiet, courteous demeanour with candour and forthrightness in communication. When taking in information, he asks clarifying questions and makes sure that he has understood the message as the speaker has intended it. John himself speaks with clarity and precision and, more importantly, always in a way that honours and includes the other person’s viewpoint and feelings, and even unspoken needs, as he understands them. His friendliness, humour and storytelling ability put people at ease and make for refreshing and enjoyable conversations.
John is intelligent and grasps the gestalt of new situations and ideas readily. His rationality is complimented by a deep capacity for reflection. When asked, John can be counted on to share insights that show he has contemplated the connections among the knowledge gained through reading, conversation and other avenues, his own careful study of his life experience, and his extraordinary ethic of care and compassion for others.
In the give-and-take of group living, these qualities have made John a beloved and respected member of the residence and membership communities of the temple. These same qualities no doubt allow John to be an outstanding mediator.”

A teen-age offender with ADHD, referred to mediation by the court:

“Awesome listening.”

More About Me:

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John is a member in good standing and a frequent presence at meetings of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario, which is the principal governing organization of the profession, in affiliation with the ADR Institute of Canada.


John Becker Mediation
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